PT Tour

New website, new entry system:
PT Tour gets a facelift.

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Industry: Sports (Golf)
Country: Portugal (PT)
Type of company: Golf tournament accommodating global amateur & professional players
Tools used: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, WordPress


PT Tour is a Portugal's leading golf tour for global players. Running from January to April, PT Tour provides players access to Portugal's most accredited golf courses allowing them to showcase their skill and compete for prizefunds of up to €20,000.

Project Challenges

1. Aging Site Design: PT Tour maintained the same site design from the day it was created, and therefore information throughout the site was outdated and required a complete rework to bring it up to standards.

2. Lack of Control: PT Tour was unable to access their sites content as the domains, and hosting were managed and owned by a 3rd party.

Strategies & Solutions

1. Complete UI/UX Rework: Working closely with the PT Tour team we stripped the site back to basics and create a fresh, professional visual identity.

2. UX First: Our rework of the sites layout involved a heavy bias towards ensuring the site was functional by allowing players to access the content that matters and overall provide them a quick and easy experience.

2. Domain & Hosting: We provided PT Tour with complete control and ownership of their domains and site, allowing them to make their own decisions about their sites future, while avoiding the lengthy and expensive process of site migration and ownership transfer.


1. Positive Feedback from Players: Players on the PT Tour have already, after a few days of the site being live,. started to make positive comments about the site's design and functionality; mentioning features such as the new entry system, landing page, and menu.

2. Optimised Management: We worked to make updating information, news stories, and links throughout the site seamless using WordPress' Content Management System.

2. Future-Proof Design: The layout and management of the site allows PT Tour, to store previous seasons as well as updating the site to show content for future seasons and events for years to come.

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